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Rooms & Facilities


The Sunshine Room

From 3 months to 2 years

The Sunshine room is for our children from 3mths to 2yrs. Here we can look after up to 12 children with a ratio of 1: 3.  In this bright airy room your children have the freedom of exploring a wide range of activities. The wooden climbing equipment is out on a daily basis to support your children’s gross motor skills and confidence. The tuff tray is always filled with resources to help stimulate children’s senses. The role play is where children can explore open-ended resources that can be used in many different ways. We encourage a love of reading in the baby room and books are provided on a daily basis. You will often find an adult sat in this area engrossing the children in a story. A cosy sleep zone that is compromised of cots, mattress beds and ‘chill pods’. The children are given regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore a wide range of media and materials. 

Staff ratios

1 adult to 3 babies and toddlers and a dedicated key person for your child.

Home from home

Homely atmosphere with an emphasis on caring for your child whilst offering learning opportunites.

Your needs first

You’re the expert on your child, your family and your culture. Our priority is to care for your child the way you’d like.

Settling in

Whatever’s needed, we’ll arrange as many settling-in sessions as your child needs to feel safe and happy with us.


As many and as long as your child needs, morning or afternoon, on a comfy bed or in a cot.


Expressed or formula milk, blended or finger foods and any special dietary requirements.

The Rainbow Room

From 2 years to 5 years

The Rainbow room is our biggest room. Here we can care for up to 26 children. This bright large room is where your children will stay until it is time to start school, allowing your child’s key person to really get to know your child’s personality and to support their learning and development.  The rainbow room offers over ten areas of learning provision these being, the book area a cosy place for children to relax with a wide range of books, The heuristic area which is full of natural resources that offer open ended play,  a small world area and a role play area to encourage imagination and express feelings. A large creative area where children can explore media and materials. A maths area where children can investigate numbers and numerical patterns, the construction area where children can explore a wide range of materials that can fit together, pull apart, build up and knock down! Sand, water and rice play are available everyday to encourage pouring, filling, emptying and predicting what may happen next!

Staff ratios

1 adult to 4 children up to the age of 3 years, 1 adult to 8 children from 3 to 5 years and key person for your child.

Key aims

Build confidence and independence,  nurture individuality and creative spirit and encourage making plenty of mess and learning to tidy it up together!

Your needs first

We try to fit in with your child’s individual preferences while still preparing them for their next steps onto school.

Settling in

Whatever’s needed, we’ll arrange as many settling-in sessions as your child needs to feel safe and happy with us.


Healthy and tasty meals and snacks, varied menus with vegetarian options, provision for different cultural and other special dietary requirements.

Potties and beyond

When you and your child decide that the time is right, we’re on hand to offer help and advice with moving out of nappies

The Great Outdoors

Sensory & physical activities

Our nursery has two gardens for children to access. The front garden is our sensory area where we do our planting, growing and harvesting. We grow a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs that are incorporated into our meals. We often have grandparents and parents  to help with our growing activities. 

The back garden is where all the physical activities take place engaging your child’s gross motor skills. Here we have the timber trail where your children can develop their balancing skills. The children also have access to balance bikes, the large sand pit, water play and many more outdoor resources. The nursery provides wetsuits for all the children in the nursery so there is no reason why we cannot enjoy the outdoors. 

The nursery is very lucky to have Beckett park on our doorstop. We are surrounded by beautiful tress and we are situated in an area that has low pollution.

What our parents say

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We know as parents that finding the right childcare provider is one of the hardest and most important decisions you will ever have to make, and we hope we can help you in your search.

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