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Sunshine’s 0-2

For babies and toddlers from 3 months to 2 years old with a team of 6 staff and ratios of:

  • 1 adult to 3 babies and toddlers
  • And a key person dedicated to your child’s care and well-being.

Home from Home

  • The sunshine room provides a warm welcome for the whole family. The atmosphere is homely and our emphasis is on caring and sharing together we want parents and carers to feel as comfortable with us as the children do.

Your Child’s needs first

  • We try to match, as far as we can, your child’s individual routines and preferences at home. You’re the expert on your child, your family and your culture. Our priority is to support your choices, so that we care for your child the way you’d like:


    expressed or formula milk, blended or finger foods and any special dietary requirements


    as many and as long as your child needs, morning or afternoon, on a comfy bed or in a cot

Nappies and potties

    you bring the nappies and we do the rest – including hep with moving out of nappies when you and your child decide the time is right

Settling in

Whatever’s needed, we’ll arrange as many settling-in sessions as you and your child needs to feel safe and happy with us.

What we do

  • Singing and stories as we go – we weave these into all that we do, and they’re a big part of our day
  • Painting and sticking to make pictures, models and collages, or cards to send home – often for festivals and always for fun
  • Making a mess with jelly and sand, pasta, water and cornflour gloop – we’ve got the space and the time and our little ones love it!
  • Just playing with jigsaws, shape-sorters, toys to pull and press and bang, toys to climb on and ride
  • Enjoying our food at sociable mealtimes, where we all sit round together and the toddlers love to help us get ready
  • Celebrating birthdays (not just the childrens) and other events with a cake and a song
  • Out and about in our own playground and sensory garden, and further afield to the library, the park and local shops, or off on the bus to the airport to watch some planes